Handcrafted, Freshly Baked, Always Strain Specific

With so many edibles on the market, you may find that it's hard to come across one that provides a predictable experience.  That is why all of our products have been STRAIN SPECIFIC from the beginning.  We want you to enjoy our delightful edibles with confidence.  

When creating our edibles, we search for strains that contain terpenes that compliment the flavor of the product being developed. The terpenes not only enrich the flavor, but they also help you better predict the mood and high you will experience. We go through this rigorous research and development process because we firmly believe that edibles should be both effective and delicious.

We were the ORIGINAL, and THE ONLY, STRAIN SPECIFIC, EDIBLES company, who had the audacity to create products for the discerning consumer.  

The search is over!  High quality, ALWAYS STRAIN SPECIFIC, edibles are here!

Spreading Kindness through all of our Confections.



Consume our edibles with confidence.

Potency and pesticide testing on all of our edibles are done by GreenLeaf Labs, Oregon’s First ORELAP Accredited and OLCC Licensed Cannabis Laboratory.

Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Chunk

Our chocolate chunk sandwich cookies are not only tender and chewy, but filled with creamy peanut butter. The cookies are baked with dark and milk chocolates to make a perfectly balanced sandwich cookie. They are then hand filled with a tasty peanut butter filling.

Coconut Cream

Our coconut cream sandwich cookies are tender and chewy, balanced with a buttery light creamy, coconut filling. The cookies are made with coconut cream and then filled with shredded coconut buttercream for an extra boost of deep coconut flavor. These cookies are delightfully tropical and not too sweet.

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