Titan's Kind™ is a small, woman-owned company, specializing in premium, strain-specific edibles that are designed for great experiences.

 Our mission is to simplify and enhance our consumers' experience by providing predictability, time after time.

With so many edibles on the market, you may find that it's hard to come across one that provides a predictable experience.  That is why all of our products have been STRAIN SPECIFIC from the beginning.  We want you to enjoy our delightful edibles with confidence. 

When creating our edibles, we search for strains that contain terpenes that compliment the flavor of the product being developed. The terpenes not only enrich the flavor, but they also help you better predict the mood and high you will experience. We go through this rigorous research and development process because we firmly believe that edibles should not only be both effective and delicious, but also provide a one-of-a-kind experience.